March of Empires is Gameloft’s new medieval strategy game. In March of Empires, players select one of three kingdoms before setting off to try and conquer as much land as possible. With some cunning strategic guile, some patience, and maybe a friend or two, players can go a long way towards ruling over a vast region.

Our March of Empires tips, cheats, and strategies are here to help newer players get started in the game and ensure that they head into battle fully prepared to achieve victory.

Buy Now, Pay Never

March of Empires tips cheats strategies

At the beginning of March of Empires, the game walks you through upgrading your buildings. You’ll actually be required to upgrade each building multiple times at first to get you into the swing of things. Be very careful not to spend any of your valuable gold right off the bat. Gameloft allows new players to upgrade many things for free, you just have to check for it.

When you place the order for something to be upgraded, just head back out of the order menu and look at your kingdom view. From there, on the right, you’ll see a list of all your current orders. If you see the gold “free” button, you’re good to go and can instantly improve whatever it is you’re upgrading.

Just Can’t Wait to Be King

March of Empires tips cheats strategies

Each of the three kingdom rulers come with their own statistical bonuses. Personally, I went with the king for use of the decreased build times that come with his character. The following is what you get with each ruler:

  • King: construction speed +10%, iron income +15%, swordsman attack +10%, march speed +5%
  • Sultan: research speed +10%, stone income +15%, spearman attack +10%, squad size +5%
  • Tsar: training speed +10%, wood income +15%, cavalry attack +10%, champion XP +10%

Claim Your Reward

March of Empires tips cheats strategies

When starting out in March of Empires, you will knock out many quests withing the first 15 minutes. You will have to actually claim the quest rewards before you get them, however.

Always keep an eye on the “Quests” button at the bottom, and if it has an indicator on it, that means that you have completed a quest or two and can go on in and claim your reward.

Seasonal Stats

March of Empires tips cheats strategies

The seasons/time of year shift as you play through March of Empires. With each season comes specific statistical bonuses that you’ll certainly want to take advantage of. For example, during winter things being research are completed at accelerated rates. The logic there is that the snow drives people inside, where they can focus more on doing their homework.