Dogs are mostly carnivorous, but that won’t stop them from grabbing whatever unguarded sustenance is handy. Worked-over bones. Used paper plates. That dead, unidentifiable thing at the side of the road that you have to pull him away from every time you go for your morning walk together.

But the little Boston terrier starring in LunarCraft Games’ upcoming title Veggie Dog Story has a taste for healthy fare that’s cruelty-free. Namely, vegetables. And he’s not about to gank the sad rejects from some grocery store’s dumpster, either. No, he’s going straight to the farm and making off with the goods, bunny-style.


Veggie Dog Story is a stealth / action game that LunarCraft describes as “Metal Gear Solid lite.” When the dog eats the vegetables he comes across, he transforms into some pretty fun and fearsome forms. Okay, if fibre and vitamin A can make a dog go Super Saiyan, then I understand why this pup is so desperate to nab him some veggies.

Veggie Dog Story is coming to mobile soon.