It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down with a good World War 2 video game. If I recall correctly, the last World War 2 mobile games I played were Frontline Commando: WW2 and Brothers in Arms 3, both of which were shooters. I’ve yet to pick up a WW2-themed strategy game on my iPad — but it’s quickly looking like Pocket Platoons might change that.

The way that En Masse Entertainment’s Pocket Platoons is shaping up, not only might it be the first WW2 strategy title I’ve played on my iPad, but it may be one of the cutest war games I’ve seen to date. (And yes, that’s as strange to type as it is to read).

With chibi-like stylized visuals and bright and colorful environments, Pocket Platoons presents players with a charming take on 20th century combat, where players work on building up their base and placing their troops onto the battlefield to go to battle against their opponent’s troops. According to En Massee, there are over 300 single-player campaign levels, as well as various multiplayer game modes for players to master.

“Pocket Platoons is a little game with a lot of heart. It has so much to offer with its amazing depth, wide range of units and variety of modes,” said Chris Lee, En Masse Entertainment CEO, in the press release accompanying the announcement. “Instead of relying on luck-based battle systems and pay-to-win micro-transactions, Pocket Platoons rewards player skill and a deep understanding of battlefield positioning and combat tactics,” the press release stated.

Look for Pocket Platoons on August 27th for Android and iOS devices.