Surprises are delightful sometimes. Pocket God, for instance, is a franchise that we don’t hear nearly enough from anymore. So when we do? SURPRISE!

And today, developer Bolt Creative’s surprise was a biggie. Not only have they announced a new entry in the series for next week, but that entry is being handled by an outside developer — and it’s not some “who’s that guy?” situation.

It’s Luc Bernard.

In case you’re not familiar, Bernard is the creator responsible for cult hits like Eternity’s Child, Steam Pirates, and Mecho Wars. He’s also the man behind the controversial Holocaust game Imagination is the Only Escape, which may or may not ever come out (he’s been pretty quiet on the subject for a while).

Pocket God vs Desert Ashes brings a classic strategy formula to the franchise that Advance Wars fans will instantly recognize, while at the same time crossing over with a world of his own. Desert Ashes is the current branding for what was once Mecho Wars, which was essentially Bernard’s take on the Advance Wars formula.

pocket god vs desert ashes

If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy and/or Pocket God’s pygmies, you’ll want to have this on your watch list for next week. Pocket God vs Desert Ashes hits the App Store on August 20th, with an Android version to follow in the coming weeks.