How many successful iOS installs does it take to warrant an Android release? If you’re Loveshack Entertainment, the developers behind the puzzle game Framed, the answer seems to be “one million.”

This morning the developer made two announcements. The first? Framed has now sold more than one million copies on iOS. That’s a staggering number — especially for a premium game with a seemingly niche appeal.

The second announcement? The game will be arriving on Google Play and the Amazon App Store on August 27th.

Framed is a puzzle game about telling a story by controlling the narrative. Player drag comic book panels to rearrange them, thereby affecting the narrative. It’s a neat, somewhat surreal experience — and so was our review.

If you’re an Android gamer, you’ll finally get to check it out first hand on August 27th. And if you’re an iOS gamer who hasn’t played it yet, you should go bring that install number up 1,000,001 right now.