Daryl Dixon is a really popular part of The Walking Dead. Here’s a true story from Comic-Con to illustrate just how true that statement is.

On the Friday of this year’s show, I was walking from the convention center to one of the adjacent hotels when I heard loud alternating shrieks from two women. As they continued, I started to get concerned that someone might be hurt or need medical attention. Along with some members of the crowd (everything at Comic-Con is done in a crowd), I went over to ask them if they were okay and why they were screaming. One woman’s response: “Norman Reedus just walked by!”

Thus, it’s probably a smart move for Next Games and AMC to tout Reedus’ character as one of the hooks for the upcoming official mobile game of the TV series, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. As you can see in the first gameplay trailer above, there’s no time for sitting around bemoaning what you’ve lost in the zombie apocalypse, just the business of getting on with survival.

Daryl is on hand to give you the tough love you need. No fast food joints and no hot showers? Harsh, man!

Maybe he’ll give you some crossbow lessons too, as Next suggests you’ll need them in the combat-heavy visits to locations you’ll recognize from TV. Puzzle-solving and strategic choices are also said to be important gameplay elements.

This certainly won’t be the first TWD mobile game when it graces your iPhone, iPad or iPhone touch in October, but it will be the one that is most directly linked to the unstoppable juggernaut that airs on AMC, and it will have the most Daryl. Screaming fans, accept no substitutes.