Hell is pretty huge — infinitely huge, according to some religious texts — so it makes sense for Rare Sloth to explore more of the Realm of the Damned with an update to its action / puzzle game Furdemption.

The update, titled The Widow’s Den, is appropriately full of spiders. No, really, there are spiders everywhere. And they spit poison that kills you on contact. One thing’s for sure, Furdemption pulls no punches about reminding you where you are. You’re in the depths of Gehenna, bunny dude.

Furdemption’s 40 new levels continue to force you to think on your feet. Your offensive options are limited, so you need to use the bubbling environment to your advantage. That means ducking in and out of brand-new rabbit holes, luring enemies into sawblades, and / or antagonizing the Reaper so that he cuts your foes down for you.

Prepare for your journey down into Heck and look for Furdemption’s new levels and features on August 13.