Square-Enix used to be pros at combining mechs and strategy via its Front Mission series, which was once as red-hot as Final Fantasy (in Japan, at least). It’s been a while since Front Mission headlined in Japan or on our own shores, but at least Square-Enix is letting us sample the joy of mech battles once again through Colossus Command.

Colossus Command takes place in a real flat-tire of a future where food and clean water is scarce, and the solar system itself is owned primarily by mega-corporations. Said corporations engage in power struggles via mechs called Colossi. Colossus Command puts you in charge of a Colossus Squad and lets you fight for your corporate overlords.

Being a real-time strategy game, Colossus Command forces you to think on your feet. There’s a story mode to work through, as well as PvP options. There are also hundreds of mechs and pilots to collect, because a mech game that doesn’t offer all kinds of cool and crazy designs is a sad mech game.

Colossus Command is currently in soft launch on the Canadian App Store and Google Play. Grab it on iOS or Android, and read up on how to get a Canadian iTunes account if you need a temporary passport to go to war.