Stranded – Mars One from Deep Silver FISHLABS isn’t the same thing as the “Mars One” settlement initiative. The former is a mobile game, whereas the latter is a controversial project that aims to colonize Mars by the year 2027.

Oh, another important difference: Participants who wind up on Mars as part of the settlement attempt are there for good. By contrast, Stranded – Mars One is about a marooned astronaut who wants to get home and will do whatever’s necessary to get there (presumably he’s already tried jumping really high).


Stranded – Mars One is a 2D auto-runner. As your little astronaut dude runs, he needs to collect scattered components of his crashed ship in hopes of cobbling some means of transportation together again. Oh, and he needs to collect refills for his air supply, too. Mars’s atmosphere isn’t exactly full of the good stuff that our Earthling lungs crave.

Stranded – Mars One is coming to iOS later this year. An Android release will follow thereafter.