Stop what you’re doing, —actually, don’t, keep reading— and let me tell you about Mazecraft.

Contrary to what the name of the game may sound like, Mazecraft is not another Minecraft clone. In fact, visually, it looks more like Tiny Tower than Minecraft. With tiny little people, players are tasked with constructing a maze that they can challenge their friends to complete. As a free-to-play game, I imagine getting your friends in your mazes is as easy as it is to convince them to download the game.

When friends visit a maze, players get a bit of gold that they can then use to buy more upgrades and make their maze a true maze-terpiece.

With traps and obstacles like rolling boulders, a roving minotaur, sentry turrets, spike pits, skeleton guards, and more, Mazecraft offers up “dozens” of options for players to utilize as they construct their mazes.

Greek Dragon Skele Sword

On top of collecting gold to improve mazes, players can level up their character and collect some silly costumes to dress them up with. From Hulk Hogan, and Wonder Woman, to a very fitting (and costume correct) Goblin King, there are many wardrobe options for players to select from.

Hyper Liger is looking to release Mazecraft on August 13th for iOS devices.