Gameloft recently revealed information on their next strategy game, March of Empires. Following popular industry trends, March of Empires has players building a base, raising an army, and sending that army out to conquer more territory across a realm populated by other players.


To make conquering such vasts swathes of territory feasible, Gameloft is giving players the ability to form alliances with other players and giving them the methods to communicate effectively, ensuring even large alliances functional. With the ability for alliance officers to elect new leaders, as well as having the ability to call a general consensus with all the members of the alliance for whatever questions arise, March of Empires looks to be a very social-focused strategy game.

Beyond building stronger buildings and soldiers, players can also benefit from the weather and seasonal bonuses that occur during particular time periods. For example, during Winter, research is conducted at an accelerated rate, since everyone is stuck inside with nothing better to do than their homework.

Battle in March of Empires is handled in formations. Players can select one of five formations to arrange their troops in, with each formation serving to counter another formation type. In the preview video below, for example, a cavalry attack is thwarted by an organized spearman formation with archer support.

March of Empires is coming to Android and iOS devices at an unspecified date in the future.