Race the Sun is a great endless racing game where players must race their solar-powered hovercraft across a landscape filled with geometrically-shaped obstacles, literally racing against the setting sun. Once the sun goes down, your craft has no energy source, and thus the race is over.

It may seem like a simple endless-runner at first, but Race the Sun has a very high skill ceiling for having such a low barrier of entry. The following Race the Sun tips, cheats and strategies are geared towards getting new players quickly acclimated with some basic concepts that they can employ to ensure their runs are as efficient as possible, right from the start.

Practice Makes…Better Hovercraft

Race the Sun tips cheats strategies

Race the Sun is tough right at the start. You’re still getting used to the controls, still figuring out the obstacles and what to look out for. Just accept the fact that you’re going to die, a lot, when you start playing.

Fortunately, things get easier. The more you play, the more abilities you’ll unlock, all of which make your gameplay experience easier …to an extent. The further you get in each race the more challenging the obstacles get, but you’ll gradually get further and further into the levels, and where you struggled on Day 1 will be a breeze by Day 3. Just gotta keep on flying.

Tapping Power

Race the Sun tips cheats strategies

Something that you’ll want to know straightaway about Race the Sun is that the movement controls are touch-sensitive. This means that where you touch on the screen in relation to your craft will cause the craft to turn at varying levels of intensity.

The closer to your ship you tap, the gentler the turn will be. Taps made further away from the craft increase the sharpness of the turn.

So, for example: Tapping close to the craft’s right side will cause the craft to gently sway to the right. Tapping towards the edge of the screen on the craft’s left side will cause the craft to turn as sharp as it can towards the left.

High In the Sky

Race the Sun tips cheats strategies

One of the first abilities that players unlock after leveling up is the ability to perform jumps that can launch them over some of the game’s lower obstacles.

Picking up the jump power-ups give players the option to jump by pressing the button that appears at the bottom of the screen, when a jump is ready.

In my opinion, the best way to use a jump, is off of a ramp. You see, you don’t need to be hovering just off the ground to initiate a jump, you can also be in the middle of the air and jump even higher off the ground. This double-jump technique is a great way to A) stay out of the shadows for an extended period of time, B) dodge lots of obstacles at once, and C) give yourself a good look at the obstacles around you and what’s coming up.

Dawn of a New Day

Race the Sun tips cheats strategies

You may not realize this, but every 24 hours, the level in Race the Sun changes. So if you’re having a hard time on Wednesday, come back on Thursday and see how you do with Thursday’s level.

Each day’s race will remain the same, allowing you to learn the layout and slowly progress further and further into the level.