Back in 2011, Monsters Ate My Condo (not to be confused with Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, —Monsters like to eat lots of things, okay?!) released from PikPok. We really enjoyed the game and it’s enhanced follow-up, Super Monsters Ate My Condo, which released in 2012.

Now, PikPok is back with Adult Swim Games, and have just announced the next chapter in the “Monster Ate My” series, Monsters Ate My Metropolis.

Watch live video from adultswimgames on Twitch
Departing from the Match-3 genre, Monsters Ate My Metropolis is a card battling game where players attack or defend a city. Each turn players can play one of three cards in their hand, attempting to reduce their opponent’s health to zero.

Monsters Ate My Metropolis

Details on the game are scarce, but yesterday Adult Swim Games took to Twitch to show off Monsters At My Metropolis for the first time. You can catch a replay of the full stream in the video above. I watched parts of the 36 minute stream and I am intrigued by what I saw. The stream only showed off one lederhosen-wearing monster, but many abilities were shown off, from disco slams, to cat-aliens attacking in cat-shaped UFOs. From what I saw, Monsters Ate My Metropolis is shaping up to be one colorful, silly game.

Look for Monsters Ate My Metropolis later this year.