Taking a look at their current lineup, you’d be right to paint a picture of Glu as a company with a pretty solid track record, plenty of variety, and one big game with a celebrity name.

But why just stop at one?

The latest in a string of celebrities to sign mobile gaming partnerships with the company, Glu has just announced deals that will bring mobile games featuring Nicki Minaj and Jason Statham to market.

Minaj’s game has no details just yet (asides from a target release date of Summer 2016), but Statham’s is a bit clearer in direction — and it’s one that seems to make sense. Jason Statham will be starring in a free-to-play action title for the developer later this Fall.

Titled ‘Sniper X: Kill Confirmed,’ the game will feature Statham’s voice and likeness, and offer first-person shooter gameplay. There’s no mention if this will be built on the framework of an existing Glu franchise (Kim K: Hollywood owes a debt to Glu’s earlier Stardom: The A-List, for example), but if it is, we’ve got to think the series in question would be Contract Killer. The most recent edition even has Sniper in the name.

If you want to find out for yourself, Sniper X: Kill Confirmed has already soft-launched in Austria, Singapore and Sweden. The video above showcases 30 minutes of gameplay. If you have an iTunes account in any of these countries, you can step into Statham’s patent leather shoes right now.

Glu has had no trouble racking up a roster of superstar commitments — but asides from their first big hit, none of them have materialized into anything actually playable. What sets these two announcements apart from the others is the mention of a release window — that’s not the sort of thing we’ve seen in their previous celebrity partnership announcements. And that fact that Statham’s game is already testing in the wild is a good sign.

We’re going to start circling dates on the calendar for Jason Statham and Nicki Minaj. Now if only they’d announce some more details about their Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Jenner Sisters games, we’d be set.