Wednesday night is upon us once again, and if you’re willing to stay up really late, you’ll be able to grab this week’s new iPhone and iPad games before anyone else in you circle of friends.

And if you do, we suggest keeping an eye out for the following:

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

One of the App Store’s earliest hits gets a sequel tonight, and it’s bringing with it some real-time dynamic weather and lighting effects. If it’s nighttime and raining outside your window, it’s nighttime and raining in your game. No word on if they’re equipped to deal with perch falling from the sky, though if that’s happening, you probably have bigger things to worry about.



The best “tonight” games are the ones we can play today. With that in mind, I implore you to go check out Frankenfoods — a new puzzle game with plenty of old school appeal that is already live on the App Store.

Sling Kong

The second game from the makers of Checkpoint Champion, Sling Kong tasks you with pulling on animals to fling them upwards through a dangerous world, hanging on to pegs for dear life.

Baller Legends

From Gasketball to Ball King, we’ve seen plenty of games about shooting hoops from the free throw line on mobile. Baller Legends is looking to set itself apart with “carefully timed swipe and dunk mechanics,” according to the game’s developer. Plenty of challenges and customization options await those who can skillfully wield the funky orange ball.