You can’t keep a good worm down. No, seriously. When you hurt a worm or cut it up, it kind of regrows. It’s really nasty. Er, the point is, the hugely popular Worms combat franchise is flaring back to life with the aid of Worms 4, which is coming to iOS later this summer.

(I suppose that explains why Worms 3 is free right now as part of  Apple’s “Game of the Week” program.)


Team17 describes Worms 4 mobile as “the definitive handheld Worms experience,” and has outfitted the game with some bright, striking graphics for the occasion. Moreover, Worms 4 is engineered for short bursts of gameplay (its fights utilize smaller teams), which means shorter campaigns compared to the drawn-out matches of previous Worms games.

You can get an idea of how quickly the smaller teams get the job done in this hands-on preview video from AppSpy:

There are 80 single-player matches to fight through, but needless to say, multiplayer is king. Worms 4 offers turn-based, synchronous online multiplayer gameplay in addition to different stage themes and weapon upgrades galore.

Keep an eye out for your squirmy-wormy pals this August.

Incidentally, the Worms franchise turned 20 years old in 2015! Feel free to make a cake in the worms’ honor. They like mud  pies best.