It’s been a strangely busy week for OUYA news. First there was confirmation that Razer was buying them but not continuing the hardware, then there was word that devs wouldn’t be receiving owed money, then there was word they would …but I’m not concerned with any of that. I loved my OUYA, and will quietly mourn its death in my living room with endless marathons of Towerfall.

This isn’t OUYA news I care about. The OUYA news I care about (and that you should, too) is that Whispering Willows — one of the biggest hits on the now defunct microconsole — has a release date on iOS and Android. And it’s soon: August 12th.

Whispering Willows is an adventure horror puzzle platformer (as well as a great excuse to stop pigeonholing games into expected genres, because that is a mouthful) that met with praise from OUYA gamers when it launched in early 2014, but has met with mixed reviews in the versions that followed (PC last year, PlayStation devices last month).

Want our take? Stay tuned for a full review coming later this month.