It was just last week that I was looking at an upcoming mobile game, pining for the days of Buster Bros.

An arcade classic (that too many seem to have forgotten), Buster Bros was known as ‘Pang’ outside of North America — which is why my heart went absolutely aflutter to see an email with Pang in the subject line this morning.

It’s official: we’re getting a Pang/Buster Bros mobile game.

Even better, the team behind this revival are DotEmu (who’ve helped adapt everything from R-Type and Metal Slug to Another World and The Last Express for mobile) and Pastagames (Rayman Jungle Run, Pix’n Love Rush).

In addition to mobile devices, the game will also be available on PC and home consoles. Beyond that though, there’s very little we know about the game itself. They’re promising more details soon. Be sure to give the game a follow on Facebook to stay in the loop on when you can get bustin’ once more.