If you’re a regular reader of Gamezebo, you may have picked up on this already — but in case you haven’t, let’s make it perfectly clear: I live pretty close to Toronto. Close enough that I make regular trips into the city for great gaming events, many of which are held in a coworking space called Bento Miso.

After driving into the city for such an event, I usually use the street parking about 10 minutes from the venue. On the walk from my car to Bento, I pass a beautiful park with big, ornate gates and an always-full greenspace. It’s popular, it’s beautiful, and it always makes me think “man, if I lived in Toronto, I’d hang out in this park all the time.”

Chris de Castro obviously thought the same thing.


Chris is the creator of ‘The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods,’ an upcoming mobile game set in Trinity Bellwoods Park that tells the very real tale of a strange ecosystem that’s developed.

“In the great city of Toronto there exists a grand park named Trinity Bellwoods,” reads the game’s description on it’s Kickstarter page, which still has 28 days to go as of this writing. “During the hot summer months, swarms of people — mostly hipsters — sprawl across its lush greens. They sip fine brewed beverages, but leave the cans behind. This plague of empty aluminum vessels would threaten the beauty of the park if not for the valour of a few brave souls. They are the Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods, and their magical quest is to banish the scourge of cans from the land.”


Players assume the role of one such wizard, collecting cans and then selling them, using the profits to improve their homes. “The project is an experiment in narrative,” the Kickstarter page continues, “using gameplay mechanics to explore issues that surround our cities: urbanization, gentrification, immigration, urban economies, recycling and public space.”

The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods is aiming for a July 2016 release, but you can give the game a shot in its current form by checking out the web-based demo here.

Visit The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods on Kickstarter for more information.