If you were to ask me to make a shortlist of memorable games I’ve written about over the years, Dungeon of the Endless would be near the top. I played it in Steam Early Access back in the days when Gamezebo used to cover PC games, and quickly fell in love with the unique team-based twist it brought to the roguelike genre. Instead of controlling one character, you’re controlling several — and your party continues to grow the longer you survive.

On the upside, this means you can explore different areas with different characters simultaneously, as well as have people protecting key interests. But like any video game, there’s a catch — it’s easy to stretch yourself too thin, and separated teammates can very quickly be overwhelmed. There’s a delicate dance at play here; you’ll need to balance you desire for safety with your thirst for adventure.

And yes, it’s the perfect kind of game to bring to a touch screen.


That’s not just my opinion, mind you. The folks at Amplitude Games think so too. This morning they’ve announced that Dungeon of the Endless (along with the “Bookworm” and “Deep Freeze” add-ons from the desktop version) will be coming to the iPad this summer.

No further details have surfaced on this portable port yet. Expect it on the iPad soon(ish).