No shortlist of early App Store success stories would be complete without the inclusion of Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. It was a beautifully atmospheric puzzle platformer that had players step into the eight-figurative shoes of the titular spider, weaving webs and trapping bugs as you followed a narrative that slowly unfurled in the background.

The developers later went on to create the critically acclaimed Waking Mars, but next week they return to their first love: the world of arachnids.

The gameplay looks to stay in step with its predecessor, but there are elements of the game that (as described, at least) have blown us out of the water. 30 levels will be on offer, but if you play them in different weather and time combinations (day, night, rain, sun), you’ll gain access to different gameplay, secrets and collectibles.

And those times of day and weather changes? They’re based on what’s actually happening outside your window.


Methinks this is the sort of game you’ll want to keep on your phone until you’ve lived through four more seasons.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon will be launching on iOS on August 6th, with an Android release to follow (they’re aiming for later next month).