With the exception of Angry Birds or Cut the Rope’s Om Nom, there aren’t a lot of mascots in mobile gaming. This August, though, the Grumblebugs might just join their ranks.

Developer Wonderfling is gearing up to launch Grumblebugs Jugglin’ sometime next month, and judging from what little we’ve seen it looks to offer up a pretty solid mix of adorable characters and simple-yet-addictive gameplay.


Players will tap in the “juggle zone” at the bottom of the screen to toss their Grumblebugs in the air, trying to keep them up for as long as they possibly can. The catch? There are different threats to your Grumblebugs’ safety that you’ll need to contend with if you want to keep them alive.

The Grumblebugs look a little like the result of the forbidden love between a Smurf and a Lemming, which yes — is just as cute as it sounds.

Here’s to hoping the game plays as good as it looks in the goofy, early-90’s-style trailer above. If it does, this could be the start of something big.