Lao Tzu once wrote that “the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” And even though he’s been dead for 2500 years or so, I’d like to think that he was really talking about Fallout Shelter.

Launching on iOS in June, Fallout Shelter quickly shot to the top of the App Store, and began an equally sharp descent in the weeks that followed. It was profitible, it was fun, but it had one problem that a free-to-play mobile game simply can’t survive — it eventually ran out of things for players to do. On August 13th, that may change. The game will be launching on Android on that date (hooray!) and will feature a slew of new features that will be available to iOS gamers on the same day.

According to today’s contact from a Bethesda representative:

We really liked what Fallout Shelter had to offer, but quickly discovered (like everybody else) that there was only so much to do. Hopefully today’s announcement marks only the first of many more updates to come.