Described by the game’s creator Clint Siu as “a journey through a microcosmic galaxy where you explore elemental shapes to find the soul of the entire universe,” _PRISM is an upcoming puzzle game destined for iPhone and iPad that looks like it should bend your brain in all the right ways.

Hosted on the Stugan YouTube Channel, where Clint is currently in residence (Stugan is a games accelerator program co-founded by Tommy Palm, formerly of Candy Crush maker King), the video above gives a good snapshot of the sort of gameplay you’ll find within. Our take after watching the interview? It could just as readily be compared to The Room as it could Monument Valley.


Poke, prod, explore, and eventually open a variety of gorgeously detailed geometric shapes. We can’t wait.

There are no further details on _PRISM quite yet, but as soon as Clint emerges from Stugan’s cabin in the Swedish wilderness we’ll be sure to reach out and learn all we can.