Pac-Man is a champion at eating. He’s also proficient in giving murderous chase when he’s scarfed down a power pellet. But a new puzzle adventure game from Bandai Namco reveals that gaming’s favorite yellow hockey puck has another talent: He can bounce.

Pac-Man Bounce takes place across a series of food-based levels, because Pac-Man must be fed. He must always be fed. Despite the game’s unique visuals, basic Pac-Man logic applies here: If Pacster touches a ghost, he dies.

Of course, Pac-Man can eat a power pellet and turn the tables for a few precious seconds, but in Pac-Man bounce, the route to these power-packed pieces is a little more indirect than usual. There are, for instance, tiles that force Pac-Man to go in one direction. Pac-Man will also bounce off any walls he hits, hence the “Bounce” in the game’s name.

If you want to see the game in action, YouTuber Lonnie offers up a pretty amusing playthrough of the first few levels in the video above. Pac-Man Bounce is coming to iOS and Android later this year. For now, it’s in soft launch in Canada and Australia.