It may have taken them a few years to get the courage to dive into the App Store, but man oh man, are we swimming in Nitrome releases now. Platform Panic, Gunbrick, Magic Touch, Green Ninja — their list of mobile releases in the last year goes on and on. And this week they’re keeping that train a-chuggin’ with the release of Vault! this Wednesday.

As you can probably guess from the title (and the Vine video above), Vault! is an endless runner starring a pole-vaulter. You’ll need to time your vaults just right to bridge the games sizable gaps as you try to gather coins and pass through rings.

For fans of meatier fare like Gunbrick, don’t worry — Nitrome says they have a few level-based games in the works too. We’re hoping one of them is Plod — a game they’ve recently teased about a giant pair of shackled feet.

You’ll be able to grab Vault! when it hits the App Store (and, we hope, Google Play) this Wednesday.