It’s been ages since Disney’s DuckTales went off the air, but life is still like a hurricane in Duckburg. The duck-centric town is still experiencing bouts of trouble thanks to the likes of the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, and other peace-hating troublemakers.

But Duckburg also has its heroes, thankfully, and Donald Duck is on the scene alongside his affluent uncle, Scrooge McDuck (who is a battle-scarred video game veteran if there ever was one). They dispense justice side-by-side in The Duckforce Rises, a card-battling game that has recently soft-launched in select territories.


When the good Ducks’ foes kick up trouble, you help Donald and his friends counter it with some well-chosen cards that carry references to Donald Duck’s long (and often angry) history. They’re adorned with some nice artwork, and offer the usual array of attacks and buffs, but with a ducky twist. For instance, Donald’s infamous temper tantrums can inflict some impressive damage. Crazy inventor chicken Gyro Gearloose is also on-hand to whip up some new cards when the situation calls for it.

No word yet on when The Duckforce Rises will be going worldwide, but it’s currently in soft launch. You can grab it for free on the New Zealand app store.