It was bound to happen eventually.

Angry Birds, arguably the biggest game to ever hit mobile, is getting a full and proper sequel at the end of this month. The franchise has seen countless spin-offs since the original game debuted back in 2009 (Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds GO!, etc..), but despite all of the different flight paths Rovio’s avian heroes have taken, we’ve yet to seem them take roost in something so definitively sequential as to necessitate the number “2.”

angry birds 2 release date july 30

Beyond the release date, there aren’t any real details yet, but Rovio are promising plenty of teasers over the next 14 days.

Still — the lack of formal information gives us plenty of motivation to speculate. And our speculation? The soft-launched Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction seems a very likely candidate to actually be Angry Birds 2. For one thing, it plays like a sequel — and a good one at that. For another, the promotional artwork for Angry Birds 2 seems to be using the same key art for Red Bird as the Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction logo.


If we’re right about this, and you want to get an early head start on Angry Birds 2, Under Pigstruction is still live on the Canadian App Store. And if we’re wrong? At least you’ll get to enjoy a fantastic Rovio outing while waiting for Angry Birds 2’s arrival on July 30th.