We’re a little heartbroken that our DC Comics Legends worldwide release prediction didn’t come true (the game is only available in select regions right now), but we’re pretty sure there are some new titles this week that can teach us to love again.

A new word game from the makers of Triple Town, a new card game from the makers of Ticket to Ride, and the ultimate game of wilderness survival can all be found in this week’s new iPhone and iPad game roundup.



With roots in their earlier game PandaPoet, AlphaBear proves that developer SpryFox are the masters of two things: word games and cute bears. This is a completely unique experience (unless you’re one of the few who remembers PandaPoet). If you’re a word gamer, stop what you’re doing and download this now.

Magic Duels

magic duels

The latest mobile version of Magic: The Gathering adds a few twists to keep it new-user friendly — which is something that the series historically hasn’t been. If you’re a Hearthstone junkie and you’ve been wanting to explore the genre’s roots, this might be the best place to start.

Shooting Stars

shooting stars

It’s like a shmup and a meme had a baby, and that baby needed to destroy aliens masquerading as celebrities. I love video games.



While I’m still quietly waiting for someone at Days of Wonder to bring Memoir ’44 to mobile (it’s PERFECT, you guys),  it’s still great to see the popular board game studio come out of a long digital hibernation with a new release. This one is an adaptation of the card game Splendor which, according to the gurus at BoardGameGeek, is really good.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

don't starve pocket edition

It would be pretty tough to squeeze all of Don’t Starve’s UI boxes onto a smaller screen, so the team at Klei decided not to. Despite the “Pocket” title, this is an iPad-exclusive release. Having said that, if you have an iPad, you need to buy this. We’ve yet to see a game of survival quite as polished and perfect as this. (We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Crashlands, though).

Down the Mountain

down the mountain

How quickly and safely can you descend an endless mountain littered with obstacles? I mean… we all have to die sometime. But wouldn’t you rather do it lower on the mountain than all of your friends?

Zero Punctuation: Hatfall

zero punctuation hatfall

One of video gaming’s biggest celebrity critics has released their own game this week… about putting hats on his head. I can’t decide if this is a clever parody of inane mobile games, an absurdly good time, or both. (It’s probably both.)

1010! World

1010! world

If you’ve spent much of the last year playing the Tetris-inspired placement puzzler 1010!, you’ll be pleased to know that the game’s original developer has put out a follow-up. This one has distinct levels and a Candy Crush-style progression system. Whether or not these changes are a good thing is ultimately up to you.

Nono Islands

nono islands

The developers behind the Touchgrind series and Mr. Crab have just released their latest — a game about treasure hunting, where death lurks around every corner. We haven’t seen too many treasure-hunting games since the heyday of Zynga titles like Adventure World, so it should be neat to see a fresh approach to the theme.

Rumble City

rumble city

Turn-based, strategical gang warfare from the makers of Just Cause. If you’re still reading this paragraph instead of downloading Rumble City, you’re doing life wrong.