Don’t Starve is the world’s easiest game. Its tutorial and instruction manual are right there in the title: Don’t starve.

All right, so surviving in Klei Entertainment’s wonderfully twisted alternate universe is a little more complicated than that. Aside from constantly foraging to stave off hunger, your avatar also needs to learn the nuances of item-crafting and fending off threats big and small.

Some of those threats are easy enough to avoid. If you don’t rustle the Pigmen’s jimmies, they’ll leave you well enough alone. However, at night the shadows begin slithering out of their crevices — and heaven help you if you stray from the safety of the fire and let their icy touch slide up against you.

Don’t Starve has already seen release on the PC (where Gamezebo gave it a perfect score) as well as several consoles, but the upcoming Pocket Edition should be something special. Now, if you don’t find the game creepy enough on its own, you can pick up your iPad and relocate to somewhere more appropriate while you play.

We recommend a graveyard.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition contains all the content of the PC version, including its expansions. It’s an iPad-exclusive for now, but maybe that’ll change in the future. You’ll be able to pick it up for $4.99¬†on the App Store beginning July 9th.

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