My parents used to tell me “you can’t rush perfection.” And when as an adult I explain that I write about mobile games for a living, a look glosses over their faces that tells me they’re still patiently waiting.

Parents, am I right?

It seems like the folks at Fireproof Games adhere to the same philosophy as my own mom and pop, though. The Room Three still hasn’t launched, and according to an update on their Facebook page today, it’s because they’re “working very hard to ensure The Room Three is the best game it can be and lives up to your expectations.”

They know better than to give a The Room Three release date at this point, but they do describe it as “the last stretch of development,” so gamers should remain optimistic that it shouldn’t be too much longer.

As a reward for your patience, Fireproof Games has released two new images from The Room Three (and you can find previously released screens here):

10924237_1016449618374931_5873425022204182847_o 11412090_1016449638374929_4635684078515491537_o