Regular-flavored heroes are important, but it’s the slashy heroes that keep the fabric of our chaotic world from ripping asunder. One such sword-swinger appears in Slashy Hero, an upcoming line-drawing / hack-and-slash game from Gentlebros Games.

In Slashy Hero, you sweep your finger across your device’s screen to carve a path of destruction for your new sword-swinging pal. But why the violence? Why the conflict? Well, an evil entity has stolen all the sweets from the world. You need to take a stand, unless you want your Halloweens to forever be filled with those nasty molasses chews nobody ever wants to eat (but everyone seems to hand out for some reason).

Speaking of Halloween, Slashy Hero should hit iOS and Android around the same time the spirits start getting restless, so you can expect all kinds of thematic content. Aside from collecting candy, you fight your way through a haunted mansion and collect lots of costumes. Sexy SpongeBob Nurse, ahoy!

Look for Slashy Hero when he air starts getting that special fall chill.