If you’re looking for the rare game that puts a different perspective on war — one that focuses on the displaced and disillusioned citizens of a ravaged country — This War of Mine is a game that’s likely been high on your radar for awhile. The game was announced in early 2014, and saw a desktop release before the end of the year.

The promised tablet version, however, was nowhere to be seen.

That all changes before the end of July — and if you’re willing to pre-order the game on Android for $9.99, you’re going to see three great things happen:

  • You’ll get a PC copy of the game (normally $19.99 on its own) today
  • 15% of the money will go to War Child, a charity helping kids affected by wars
  • An email will hit your inbox with a link to your Android copy when it launches

Because of the nature of the App Store, no similar situation is available for iOS owners (sorry friends). That said, the game is still coming to iPads.

Android owners can pre-order This War of Mine for $9.99 now.