Virtual pets have had a real hit-or-miss time on mobile devices. Despite the love we all felt for the Tamagotchi 20 years ago, modern equivalents rarely do well. Games like Hatchi and Clumsy Ninja are fantastic exceptions, but exceptions nonetheless.

The team at Fuzzy Face are hoping that Tweechi will be counted amongst them.

This small indie team (which includes Starseed‘s creator Shane McCafferty) has a unique twist up their sleeve, and it involves a service you already know and love: Twitter.

Tweechi is a pet that feeds on your retweets.


Well maybe “feeds,” isn’t the right word, but the retweets you earn will power Zips — a virtual currency in the game. These, in turn, can be spent to feed your Tweechi, buy it toys, and (potentially) more. And it won’t just be retweets related to the game, either.

In speaking with Wired’s Matt Kamen, studio co-founder Chris Thomas explains the framework thusly:

Speaking of kids, the developers are promising to provide a variety of non-Twitter methods for earning Zips, because after all — not everybody is responsible enough to be on Twitter. (Even a lot of the adults who use it every day).

Tweechi is expected to launch later this year exclusively for iOS. Visit for your chance at early access.