Ready for a weird, potentially wonderful grab bag of new mobile games? We have the eagerly anticipated platformer Heroki, the surprise launch of a new G.I. Joe title from acclaimed mobile studio Backflip, and… Gran Text Auto?

It’s a weird week. And that’s pretty awesome.

G.I. Joe Strike


It’s been a while in coming, but Backflip Studios is finally making use of the licenses that last year’s acquisition by Hasbro has afforded them. And they’re kicking it off in style — with an action game starring none other than everyone’s favorite ninja hero, Snake Eyes.



It’s been in development for years now, and even managed to catch the attention of SEGA (who has signed on to publish). Heroki has the potential to become mobile’s quintessential sidescrolling platformer — but does it live up to the hype? Find out in our review, coming early next week.

Divide By Sheep


Math is hard — especially if you’re a sheep. Can you reduce the size of the flock until you have the perfect number of survivors to fit in the boat?

Gran Text Auto

gran text auto

Gran Text Auto looks to be both a brilliant pun and a fresh mobile offering, putting players in the role of a grandmother who has a nasty habit of texting and driving. Keep it between the lines, Oma.

The Executive

the executive

The makers of Pizza vs Skeletons are back, and this time they want you to climb the corporate ladder as ferociously as you can. “Flame kick werewolves, perform thrilling acrobatic stunts, and run a trillion dollar mining company.” That’s a hell of an elevator pitch.

CivMiner: A Civ Crafter Expansion


If you’re still wildly obsessed with CivCrafter, there’s another game you’re going to want to add to your collection immediately. CivMiner connects with CivCrafter, and what you mine here can be shared with your civilization there.

Alchemic Dungeons

alchemic dungeons

A roguelike RPG with crafting elements and a charmingly simple style. There’s a niche for that, and at the risk of editorializing, this writer is well within it. If you are too, Alchemic Dungeons has the potential to be a worthy addition to your collection.