Back in May, a little birdie (that listens to investor conference calls) told us that alongside their already announced Dawn of Titans, the Zynga-owned studio NaturalMotion would be developing a sequel to their mega-hit drag racing game, CSR Racing.

This morning Zynga followed up that teaser with a full-blown announcement. Officially dubbed CSR2, the sequel to CSR Racing promises to “take the franchise to the next level,” according to a blog post on the company’s site.


While not too many details have been shared about what’s new, there’s a clear buzzword in today’s announcement: authenticity. From Ferrari to Pagani, NaturalMotion claims to have worked closely with a variety of vehicle partners to get ever possible detail just right. “Not only can you choose the official paint options for the body and brake calipers,” says NaturalMotion’s Torste Reil, “but even the real-world manufacturer and model trim options to truly make each car your own.”

The team responsible for CSR2 also draws on some top notch racing talent, drawing in developers who’ve previously worked on Forza, Burnout, Need for Speed, and DiRT.

CSR2 is expected to launch globally sometimes in 2015, but select territories will see a soft launch “in the coming weeks.”