Even though I’m just learning about it, in my heart I’ve been waiting for Shifter for a long time.

The debut mobile game from developer bombocracker, Shifter takes the panel-rearranging style of Framed and applies it to a traditional side-scrolling platformer. Players will need to move and re-arrange parts of each level in an attempt to guide their hero safely to the exit. First though, they’ll need to power up the door — so players will need to rearrange the panels in multiple configurations to complete the goal in every level.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something akin to a puzzle platformer try this on mobile, but at risk of sounding harsh, this is the first one I’ve seen that looks like it could be a blast to play.

Shifter will be launching on the App Store and Google Play this Friday, July 3rd as a 99 cent purchase. You can expect 24 levels at launch, with more planned to arrive as a free update down the road.