Coming off of such an incredible May, it’s hard to believe that anything could really wow us this June. But mobile gaming rarely disappoints when it comes to options, and in the last 30 days? There were some great ones.

From AAA franchises to tiny hidden gems, June 2015 was a good month to be a mobile gamer.

Fallout Shelter


Think free-to-play games can’t be profitable for the developer and fun for the player at the same time? Think again! Fallout Shelter quickly shot up the top grossing chart, while giving players everything they’d need to enjoy playing the game without spending a dime. If you’ve ever wanted to play a post-apocalyptic Tiny Tower, this is the game for you.

Her Storyherstory

FMV games, or “full motion videos,” were all the rage for about six weeks in the early 90’s. Since then, FMV games have become sort of the butt of all video game jokes… and then there was Her Story. As it turns out, FMV games are amazing so long as you cast the right people, tell the right story, and present them the right way.

Hitman Sniper


Can a video game be fun with just one level? Hitman Sniper answers that strange hypothetical with a resounding yes, challenging players to eliminate different targets under different conditions in the same sprawling mansion time and time again. You won’t be sneaking around like in traditional Hitman games, but there’s no question about it: Hitman Sniper is a game perfectly befitting the day-to-day work of Agent 47.

You Must Build a Boat


Fans of match-3 RPGs found a lot to love in 2012’s 10000000 — and had fairly high expectations for its sequel. Much to our delight, You Must Build a Boat handily delivered. The core of the game is similar to the first, but so much has been improved this is easily the best version of one of the best match-3 battle games we’ve ever played.

Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim review

There have been a few milestones in the history of the endless runner. Canabalt created the genre, Temple Run put it behind your back, and Subway Surfers introduced the world to lane-changing. SYBO, the team behind this last innovation, decided to improve up their formula by mixing in RPG elements and combat for Blades of Brim — one of the best runners we’ve played to date.

Nubs’ AdventureNubsAdventure_Totem

It came out at the very tail end of May, so we’re cheating a little by including this one — but we wouldn’t have been able to live with ourselves if we didn’t give Nubs’ Adventure the recognition it deserves. Nubs’ Adventure is a beautiful mobile Metroidvania, arguably second-only to our 2014 iPhone Game of the Year Traps n’ Gemstones. If you like great platforming, unlocking new areas, and stylish pixel art, Nubs’ Adventure is an instant must-play.