Pokémon has already made itself a nice cozy nest on the App Store and Google Play. True, we’re not likely to see mainstream releases on mobile any time soon, but supplementary games like Pokémon TCG Online are making a Magikarp-sized splash.

Well, Game Freak’s critters are taking another swing at mobile. This time it’s with Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, an iOS and Android adaptation of Pokémon Shuffle for the Nintendo 3DS.

Both the 3DS and mobile incarnations of Pokémon Shuffle are match-three battle games. You match up Pokémon heads (how macabre!) to launch attacks at wild Pokémon. Of course, certain Pokémon-exclusive gameplay elements are on-hand too, including the ability to form teams, capture wild Pokémon, and coerce them into doing your bidding. You can also initiate the mighty Mega Evolution for that extra “oomph” in battle.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile will be free-to-play, like its 3DS counterpart. Look for it on iOS and Android soon, pika!