Ready for an esoteric grab bag of new iPhone and iPad games? This week has surprise hits (“Her Story” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this week), anticipated indie titles (Fort Meow), and unannounced but inevitable releases (Dragon Quest VI).

In other words, if you can’t find something to like in today’s round-up, you’re just not trying hard enough.

Dragon Quest VI

dragon quest vi

In the last year, Square Enix has released no less than six classic Dragon Quest games to mobile — and now that number has climbed to seven. With the exception of the 7th, 9th and 10th installments in the franchise, The entirety of the main series is now available for mobile gamers. And I wouldn’t be surprised if DQ7 made its way to the App Store next (and hey — who doesn’t like to speculate?)

Sonic Runners

sonic runnersIt’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s fantastic. SEGA’s side-scrolling autorunner isn’t a classic Sonic game, but it definitely takes its cues from that era, blending them with modern mobile sensibilities effortlessly.

Her Story

her storyFull-motion video games (FMV) were a weird blip in the early 90’s, never to be heard from again. But if you’ve played Her Story, you may wonder why they went away so quickly. This deftly assembled murder mystery utilizes actual video recordings to tell its tale.

Fort Meow

fort meowCats suck. They’re always trying to wreck your good time. The best defense? A pillow fort of your own making. Keep those pesky kittens away from your good time with good ol’ engineering basics.


piloteerImagine if someone took the frustrating brilliance of QWOP, strapped on a jetpack, and set it loose on a series of missions. Welcome to the world of Piloteer.

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham

lego batman beyond gothamLEGO video games have proven incredibly popular with kids over the last decade, and their mobile versions keep getting better and better. In the latest LEGO Batman, you’ll get to play as more than 100 DC Universe characters. And yes, that includes at least one Robin.

Icarus-X: Tides of Fire


If you’re eagerly anticipating upcoming mobile shmups like Starseed and Shooting Stars, Icarus-X: Tides of Fire might be a good place to cut your teeth on the genre. The original was crazy popular with shmup players, and we have every reason to believe its sequel will follow suit.

Door Kickers

door kickersWhy just be one policeman when you can be all of them? Door Kickers is a game of SWAT Tactics, aka the sort of thing you’ve missed since the later days of Police Quest.


screen1136x1136[1]Another base-building game, but, this one is from Gameloft. Love them or hate them, there’s no question that when they tackle a popular genre for the first time they tend to do a really polished job of it. If you’re a Clash of Clans fan, this will probably be your top pick of the week.


wormariumStretch your wormy little body to fill every inch of a cave before a hungry mole chews your face off. (There’s really no cute and cuddly way to describe this ultimately cute and cuddly game).


ddtankThere are two kinds of gamers out there: those who’ve played DDTank, and those who’ve never heard of it. Here’s the thing though — if you’ve played it, you probably know how obscenely popular it is in the right circles. This week DDTank has made the jump to mobile. It’s time to see if it can get its hooks into you too.

Star Riot

star riotStar Riot is a free-to-play strategy game, but don’t let that description scare you away. This one looks like it has more in common with the world of board game strategy than simple, card-fusing F2P tropes. If you’re looking for something with a little more strategic bite to it than your standard free-to-play title, Star Riot should fit the bill nicely.