Gamezebo readers may forever remember tonight as “the evening when everything we’ve been waiting for came out.” Five big releases are on tap, and they’re five we’ve all talked about before at GZ — from AAA studio releases like Sonic Runners to potential indie gems like Stack Heroes and Wormarium.

And the best part? You won’t even have to wait until tonight to play two of them.

Sonic Runners


Fans of classic, Genesis-era Sonic should be stoked for tonight’s endless runner. Sonic Runners takes inspiration from the little blue speed demon’s earliest days, offering up an autorunner that’s gotta go faster, faster, FASTER FASTER FASTER.


Like QWOP? How about jetpacks? Both of these elements come together to form the weird peanut-butter-and-jelly-Voltron that is Piloteer, the latest game from Whitaker Trebella. It’s a big departure from his previous efforts (Polymer, Pivvot), so it should be interesting to see how he handles the world of rocket-powered floppiness.

Stack Heroes

It may just be a tower-stacking game, but it’s one that’s already earned a lengthy love letter from Gamezebo’s own Jillian Werner. Even better, it’s already here. You don’t have to wait until tonight to get playing Stack Heroes, and if you’re any good, you could win 500€.


Try to stretch a worm to fill out every last inch of a cave while dodging pesky moles that just want to eat your face. I promise, the game itself is a lot cuter than the description I’ve just provided.

Door Kickers

Looking for another game you won’t have to wait until this evening for? Door Kickers has just launched worldwide, giving players control of a SWAT team with a top-down approach. The game has been well-received in its earlier Steam release, maintaining an 82 on Metacritic. Here’s to hoping the iPad version is just as fantastic.