As someone who’s made a career out of picking winning race horses on the App Store, I often catch my mind wandering, thinking about the components that are needed to make the next big hit. Originality is one, for sure. A charming, simple art style with huggable characters helps too.

And, of course, it needs to be blisteringly difficult. Maybe not a first, but at least to the degree that it will keep players interested, engaged and challenged. Coming at it from this angle, Wormarium seems to check all of the boxes I have when figuring out which App Store ponies to bet on.

So what is it?

Wormarium is a game about guiding worms through puzzles while anticipating the moves of the dastardly moles that are ruining your wormy world. You’ll need to guide a worm until he has traveled on every path in a level, all the while being pursued by moles that are trying to reach your head. Zig when a mole zags, and he could quickly loop around and cut you off with no escape route.

Worms, it would seem, haven’t quite mastered the concept of “reverse.”


We’ve been dabbling in the game’s early stages which are casual and accessible, but it’s not hard to see how the difficulty will ramp up from here. The developers have told us that “the game has been very popular with our QA teams, particularly those who play the Dark Souls franchise.”

Dark Souls is a mighty big name to invoke. If you’re looking for a mobile challenge, you can find out if Wormarium lives up to the hype when it lands on iOS this Thursday, June 25th.