If you’re a fan of games like Quadropus Rampage and Flop Rocket (and shame on you if you’re not), you’ve no doubt been keeping a keen eye on Crashlands — the upcoming game from Butterscotch Shenanigans that should handily serve as their magnum opus. The game combines crafting and combat in a way that’s uniquely mobile friendly, and uniquely ridiculous in the tradition of past BScotch games.

If you’re wondering why the team chose to put their effort into something so big and meaty instead of another simple mechanic, quick-play diversion, we chronicled the inception of Crashlands in an interview with BScotch’s Sam Coster in April 2014.

How close are they to release? Close enough that there’s an official trailer (see above). The game is set to launch this summer on iOS, Android, and Steam (thanks to a Greenlight campaign that succeeded this week in less than 42 hours). Keep an eye peeled, and be prepared to carve some time out of your schedule for this one.