While the game’s creator Whitaker Trebella describes Piloteer as “A Serenely Challenging Jetpack Game,” I’ve coined what I feel is a much more accurate phrase to describe it:

QWOP Rocketeer.

Trebella has been fairly good at keeping a tight lid on this game since announcing it last Fall, but having gone hands on with an early copy, don’t let its maker fool you — it’s about as serene as a bag of hammers in a washing machine. It’s presentation is mellow, with gorgeous paper-style environments and a hauntingly mellow soundtrack by Trebella himself — but controlling your piloteer will endlessly result in hilariously tragic results.

Such is life for a QWOP-like heroine.

Unlike the majority of games that embrace this silly mechanic though, Piloteer provides players with a narrative to uncover and objective-based gameplay. Thus far I’ve only uncovered one mission — the tutorial-style “land on this park bench” — that I’ve only barely managed to master.

Let’s see if you can do better. Piloteer hits the App Store this Thursday, June 25th for $2.99.