65 million years ago, ferns covered the earth, dinosaurs blinked up stupidly at the descending fireball that would ultimately usher in their doom, and Sonic Runners went into soft-launch on the Canadian App Store.

Well, it’s been an age, but Sega’s endless running game is finally ready to hit prime time. Sonic Runners is getting its worldwide release (excluding China and Panama) on June 25. Look for it on iOS as well as Android.

Unlike Sonic’s already-released (and hugely successful) endless 3D running game Sonic Dash, Sonic Runners takes place on the 2D plane. Players zip through iconic environments, dodge traps, and even have showdowns with Dr Eggman.

SonicRunners_EggmanAnd does Sonic ever slow down to navigate hazardous territory? Does he ever stop and consider his options before vaulting over natural cauldrons of bubbling lava? Heck no. This is blind, endless running. This is what the hedgehog was born to do.

Presumably Tails and Knuckles were born to do it as well, because they’re along for the ride.

Sonic Runners will be free to download when it hits iOS and Android this Thursday, June 25th.