Zombies have seemingly invaded every nook and cranny of popular culture. They’re in our movies. They’re on our television shows. They’re in our breakfast cereals. And now they’re in our match-three mobile games.

Zombie Match Defense from Shovelware Games is an example of a match-three game that’s been overrun by the putrid forces of the undead. What’s the solution? Make matches to send those zombies back to the grave where they belong.

Shovelware Games has a clever and informative site that illustrates what you’ll need to do in order to fight the upcoming battle. You simply match three identical brains to remove them — but every time you move, zombies creep up on you.

The only way to dispose of your unwanted guests is to match up the brain they’re gnawing on. But if a zombie scoots out the door before you can be rid of it, you’re done for (as we can presume the escaped zombie is off to gobble up innocent people’s brains like so many potato chips).

Zombie Match Defense’s zombie-busting mechanics add a layer of intensity to the match-three genre. The game should launch soon on the App Store and Google Play.