Since the release of Goat Simulator on April Fool’s Day 2014, goats have been enjoying a prominent position in the cultural zeitgeist. Both humble and noble, the honorable goat reminds us to keep climbing ever upward towards our goals, no matter what the obstacle.

Happily, fans of the growing goat game genre have a new reason to be excited! Zynga has recently soft-launched Mountain Goat Mountain, an adorable arcade game where you ascend a treacherous mountain as perhaps the cutest goat ever rendered.


Our darling goat hero traverses a terrain any Q*Bert veteran will recognize, with falling rocks, logs and other dangers to avoid. The charming art style is paired with a delightful soundtrack that evokes the theme of each new mountain. A variety of environments give you a full goat experience, including desert bluffs and snow-covered peaks. A new-agey level features sparkling rainbow waterfalls, falling pink crystals and a rainbow trailing our hoofed hero that would make Nyan Cat proud.

But it’s not just climbing mountains. Your goat will also get to wear hats! Stylish goat hats like a cowboy Stetson or a warm winter cap complete with pom-pom will help you in different environments. There’s even a level for the Oculus crowd, where your tech-savvy goat dons a VR headset.


Mountain Goat Mountain looks like it will entertain both the goat aficionado and neophyte alike… and anyone else who enjoys cute arcade games. Look for the free-to-play game coming soon from Zynga. If you happen to live in New Zealand or the Philippines, you can download it from the App Store now.