Square-Enix’s E3 2015 press conference on June 16 brought us news of a Final Fantasy VII remake (hooray!), no news of anything related to Chrono Trigger (boo!), and some extra tidbits, including news of a Final Fantasy Portal App English release.

The Portal App exists primarily as a fun way to keep up with game news related to the Final Fantasy series, but there are some neat extras as well. You can, for instance, play a mobile version of Triple Triad, the card game popularized by Final Fantasy VIII (in fact, maybe you played Triple Triad in lieu of listening to Squall angst about the agonies of friendship).


Logging in with the Portal App every day to view news and videos also earns you points, which you can exchange for in-game items like digital wallpapers. Hopefully Square-Enix will indulge us with a digital Jecht beefcake calendar.

The Final Fantasy Portal App will be free, though it contains some in-app purchases. Expect it to hit iOS and Android this summer.