When Hearthstone first broke on the scene, I was amazed by the lack of similar games. Not only are mobile hits instantly copied nowadays (there’s even a term for it — “fast follow”), but if you’re old enough to remember when Magic: The Gathering first hit in the 90’s, you’ll also remember that every license you could imagine was quick to put together its own CCG.

So where were all of the licensed mobile CCG announcements?

The answer, it seems, was “coming in 2015.” Alongside other recently announced games like World of Tanks Generals and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, The Elder Scrolls Legends is an upcoming CCG set in an obscenely popular video game universe. Whether your flavor is Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim, we’ve all lost a few hundred hours to The Elder Scrolls.

Asides from the snappy trailer above, there’s not much actual information floating around about this one quite yet, though if Bethesda’s first iOS release is any indication, they seem to know what they’re doing in the mobile market. Expect it to surface on iPad (as well as PC) later this year.