Even in a gaming era defined by sequels to established franchises, developers occasionally zig when you expect them to zag. Square Enix Montreal did that with Hitman Go, improbably turning the adventures of Agent 47 into a turn-based board game. It was a unique idea that some loved and others found a bit too tame, but there was no denying it was different.

Square Enix obviously found value in it, announcing during its E3 press conference that it’s going to give another of its most recognizable characters the board game treatment.

The title of Lara Craft Go tells you exactly who that is. As unlikely as it might seem to have her doing the Tomb Raider thing on a board, that’s seemingly what was on display during today’s E3 press conference, with the same kind of gorgeous visuals that defined the Hitman game — albeit with a more angular, stylized flair.

The Square Enix representative who introduced it at the presser described the game as “a turn-based experience set in a long-forgotten world,” and the dragon (at least I assume that’s what it was) that menaced Lara at the end of the brief footage shown definitely wasn’t from our everyday existence.

No release date or platform information was given for Lara Croft Go, but we’ll be sure to tell you more when we know it. Start your betting pools over which Square Enix franchise will be next to get the Go treatment … now!